Whatever Floats UR Boat

The Art Of Getting Started 

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

My entire life has been idea, after idea, after idea. And getting things started is freighting. But not today. I’m getting started. The time is now! Here, it is! Read ‘em and weep! Be proud of me because I, most definitely, am proud of me. =) However, here is a message for all of us. Believe in yourself. You are amazing, growing, and learning.   You got this. The best way to believe in you is to believe in YOU!!

prototype made by Kellie via photoshop and a camera ocean photo.

Made VOE based prototype

Final logo made by artist Matthew Harbin

Do whatever floats UR boat. Do whatever UR  heart desires. And have a great day, duh.!


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